Technology, market disruptions, and social change are constantly rewriting the rules of the workplace. As businesses sprint into uncharted territories, we evolve and anticipate how these changes will impact the workplace.

At Corgan, we know agility is vital to problem solving. We listen deeply to our clients, conduct research, and evaluate all that's going on in the world. We build proactive teams — the right designers, the right researchers, the right experts in trends and strategy — deftly collaborating to create beautiful, relevant, and surprising solutions. One size does not fit all — our teams are nimble and customized for each project; the right expertise is brought in when needed, and off the team (and the invoice) when they’re not.

We solve complex problems with empathy, evidence, and inspiration. We are always, always dedicated to making sure our clients are ahead of the curve.



Branded environments leverage physical space to communicate an organization’s unique message. We seek to connect users with meaningful experiences giving greater purpose in an increasingly visual world. Our creative team finds ways to communicate visually who you are, what you do, and what is important to you.

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Change management is all about managing the expectations, fear, and potential negativity around change in the workplace. It seeks to help employees understand and embrace new ways of working with minimal resistance and maximum efficiency.

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Furniture strategy is a plan of action designed to maximize the potential of your business with the physical tool that your team members interact with most: furniture. We guide our clients and work with each vendor to determine their best solution – rather than developing the solution first and asking each vendor to replicate it.

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Your office isn’t just space to house your employees, it’s a tool. The design of this tool is pivotal to the productivity, engagement and retention of your employees. Real estate is a large financial investment and we want every square foot to maximize the potential of your employees.

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We know that your employees are your greatest asset. By placing people and their wellness at the heart of design, construction, operations, and development decisions, we can add meaningful value, generate savings in personnel costs, and enhance the human experience, health and well-being.

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Project Location Practice
Fintech Office Expansion New York, New York Interiors
Keurig Dr Pepper Headquarters Frisco, Texas Interiors
Arcosa Headquarters Dallas, Texas Interiors
Weaver Office Relocation Dallas, Texas Interiors
Confidential Fortune 50 Financial Services Headquarters Westlake, Texas Interiors
Varispace Southlake Southlake, Texas Interiors
TXAT Headquarters Houston, Texas Interiors
Konica Minolta Customer Experience Center Ramsey, New Jersey Interiors
Lodgic Everyday Community Louisville, Kentucky Interiors
Hero Digital Interiors
Pieces Technology Headquarters Interiors
Pioneer Natural Resources Headquarters Interiors
Zillow Group Scottsdale, Arizona Interiors
The Grid Phoenix, Arizona Interiors
Freedom Financial Office and Call Center Tempe, Arizona Interiors
NETSCOUT Headquarters Plano, Texas Interiors
JDA Software Customer Experience Center (JXC) Scottsdale, Arizona Interiors Regional Office Scottsdale, Arizona Interiors
Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) Phoenix, Arizona Interiors
KPRC Next Generation Broadcast Facility Houston, Texas Interiors
Blue Cross Blue Shield C1 Innovation Lab Dallas, Texas Interiors
Stryker Communications Flowermound, Texas Interiors
Bank OZK, Real Estate Specialties Group (RESG) New York, New York Interiors
Mannington Customer Experience Center Atlanta, Georgia Interiors
7-Eleven Corporate Headquarters Dallas, Texas Interiors
Kubota North American Headquarters Grapevine, Texas Interiors
Monheit Financial Group Surprise, Arizona Interiors
Bulova World Headquarters New York, New York Interiors
CityLine Richardson, TX Interiors
WageWorks Tempe, Arizona Interiors
Allegis Group New York, New York Interiors
TXI Dallas, Texas Interiors
Southwest Airlines Headquarters Dallas, Texas Interiors
Blue Cross Blue Shield Richardson, Texas Interiors
CyrusOne Phoenix, Arizona Data Centers