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9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 3000
Houston, TX 77046

+1 832 652 3640
houston [at]


Our Houston Studio

In 2008, client relationships brought us to Houston. In the time since, we’ve developed a deep connection to the local community. In fact, after we won a design competition for the city, the mayor proclaimed an official “Corgan Day.” It’s an honor we carry forward in our work, particularly by using low-impact design principles to make a positive impact on the growth of our city.


Houston is best known for energy and healthcare, but there is much more to this city’s story, and we’re proud to be a part of telling it through the spaces and buildings we design. Houston is also the most diverse city in North America — a fact that you’ll see represented across the full depth of our architectural team members.


Corgan approaches design in a serious and thoughtful manner, but we’re still able to make the design process fun and approachable at every phase. In our studio you’ll find a friendly, familial culture, with big-firm resources.

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