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Project Stats


Houston, Texas


35,000 SF




Interior Design

A hub for culture, character, and coworking.

The Common Desk at POST Houston is at the center of an ambitious mixed-use development in the repurposed historic Barbara Jordan Central Post Office. The new space for Common Desk (now part of WeWork) mutually benefits the brand identities of both POST Houston and the well-established coworking brand. At the hub of culture, food, and entertainment, the coworking space provides occupants a mix of desking, private offices, and office suites balanced by collaborative areas and meeting rooms, a wellness room and hospitality cafés, a large training room, and conference rooms for people to work, connect, and build community. Designed to elevate and complement the vibrant development, the space provides an enticing and convenient workplace located in the bustling commercial and cultural destination.

Creating synergy within an extraordinary environment — a new modern office space honors the unique character of the historic post office building.

Collaborating with the Common Desk design team and contractor, Corgan captured the design vision and standards for working within this context. Technical details were carefully planned so the interior construction preserves the visibility of the existing overhead concrete structure and celebrates historic artifacts from the building. In effect, the design incorporates freestanding pavilions within the confines of the space and integrates thoughtful details that create a beautiful study in contrast between the historic industrial nature of the building and the refined, modern aesthetic of the office space.


Remote work, intimate and connected

The space celebrates sensibilities of honest materials and craftsmanship. Wood, tile, and nostalgic photography set against glass-encased pods and coordinated furnishings respect the historical structure while integrating modern workplace elements. Huge skylights filter natural daylight throughout the space spilling into the central atrium and dining hall below. Offering a variety of open desk seats, private lounges, and offices along with hospitality-oriented amenities, the space is attractive to small businesses and solopreneurs looking for more than a home office can offer: a connected community in a building that balances preservation with strategic architecture interventions and typifies the soul of the city.


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