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People Define Our Path

Hand-sketched Schedule

For us, process is as much about people as it is the standard phases of design.

Because while there’s a general progression from visioning to construction, it’s the impact our team makes along the way that ultimately informs the nature of the experience and the success of the final design. That’s why we build strong, inspired connections between our team, our clients, and end users.

Aviation Design Crit

In theory, spaces and structures will long outlast the collaboration between firms and their clients. But at Corgan, over 90% of our business comes from repeat customers. We bring a partnership mindset to every project, because even for clients who are working with us for the first time, we understand they’re committing to more than a scope of work: they’re committing to working with us as people. And it’s often for one of the biggest, most exciting projects they’ve been responsible for. That demands dedication, expert guidance, and the kind of creative chemistry that ensures they’re successful — both on opening day, and in the future.

While the broad strokes of architectural design might be common across the industry, it’s in the fluid, interconnected, and often circular aspects of each phase where our team is different.

Education Visioning Process

We bring clients behind the scenes to collaborate hands-on and navigate decisions. We steward their vision by shaping it with our own. We fulfill a project’s purpose by designing against our principles: Empathy. Clarity. Singularity. Responsibility. Locality.

Materials and Finish Selection

We filter ideas through the technical bedrock of materiality, codes, costs, and timelines. We uncover opportunities and push boundaries through experimental research, emerging technologies, and data that has the ironic but unquestionable power to make places more human. And above all, we ask hard, inconvenient questions of our work at every turn. Because that’s the kind of firm our clients and our projects deserve.

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