Industrial chic aesthetic creates unique trading environment.

This unique fintech client has always valued high-end environments for its international network of offices, and the New York office is no exception. This luxurious hospitality-focused design takes on a unique industrial chic aesthetic, while incorporating the latest integrated technology to support its dynamic workforce in this landmark building. The design centers around highlighting beautiful architectural building elements with special design details in all the right places. High, exposed ceilings and customized office fronts utilizing hand crafted steel glazing and wooden arch entry points are expertly detailed. Each meeting space is unique, incorporating elegant wall finishes, acoustic cloud ceilings and moody spot lighting, creating a sophisticated, yet cozy experience in each room. Custom furniture complements the variety of high-end finishes throughout. With direct views over Bryant Park, this posh office is planned around open trading floors utilizing high performance sit-to-stand, multi screen trading desks, and raised access floors throughout keeps cable management out of sight. Built over two floors, a vertical connection was made by carving out space for a curved staircase with copper handrails, bronze mesh balustrading and a double height acoustic padded wall with built in banquet seating below. The juxtaposition of the industrial chic aesthetic with the latest integrated technology provides a high-end workplace experience that reflects the company’s unique culture.

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