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The Club SFO by Airport Dimensions


Project Stats


San Francisco, California


12,500 SF


Aviation & Mobility


Interior Design

You Have Arrived

Patrons stepping into The Club SFO will relish layer after layer of beautifully curated details engrained within the entrance, from the abstracted forest of stratified wood paneling behind the concierge to the smoky tile flooring to the mosaic tile ‘rug’ embedded within the floor. This peaceful moment of respite seems in complete juxtaposition with the bustling San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Terminal 1 in which it is located.


A walk in the woods

Stepping into the club, guests can envision themselves on a hike through Northern California’s Muir Woods to a cozy mountain lodge. Behind the reception podium is a towering wood wall — its large undulating surface hints at trunks of the great red woods with a carefully etched canopy of leaves. The glass enclosed, double-volume lobby serves as a peaceful terrarium that highlights show-stopping suspended art and a breathtaking backdrop of layered wood. Ascending to the main lounge, the scale changes to that of a welcoming living room. Lowered ceilings and the curved entry frame a vapor fireplace that beckons passengers in and provides a cozy refuge.

Old classics and cutting-edge amenities

In a more secluded section off the open club, a series of wellness amenities — including a semi-private rest area, wellness room, and shower suites as well as luminescence room offering tunable lighting that impacts an individual’s circadian rhythm to promote rest or boost energy — will strike a chord with those seeking rest and relaxation during a travel day. For business travelers, there are multitude of desking options and an abundance of easily accessible electrical and USB outlets. Individual pods provide varied levels of privacy and interaction to allow guests to be more productive without completely separating from The Club’s amenity offerings. Tucked away in the corner, the kid’s room is whimsically outfitted with a tree structure and seating.


Making luxury local

By creating global appeal while remaining unique and exclusive to San Francisco, The Club SFO is not only a stop on the travelers’ journey but a destination within their overall travel experience. Its design is visually stunning yet based on design principles that pay a great deal of attention to functionality, sustainability, and guest experience. With a focus on nature and local culture, guests are relaxed, invigorated, and excited to be there.


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