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NexCore Prescott Cancer Center

NexCore Prescott Cancer Center Exterior

Project Stats


Prescott, Arizona


22,615 SF




Interior Design

Designed around wellness and treating the patient in a holistic manner.

A new cancer center in Prescott, the project includes a spacious 34-chair infusion area with adjacent outdoor garden area for patient use, 15 total medical, gynecologic, and radiation oncology exam rooms, 2 procedure rooms, 1 PET-CT imaging room, and additional patient and staff support spaces. 

Future-proofing the space was top of mind, allowing the building to adapt with the needs of the organization without building out empty space to simply sit and wait for a purpose. This was achieved through open spaces that allow for flexibility in layout. The design team also took into account planned expansions of the facility in the design, with two linear accelerators are planned as a future addition. The cancer center pulls inspiration from the desert environment to create warm, comfortable spaces. The exterior design inspiration comes from the local use of natural materials in warm and inviting color and texture combinations.

As a growing organization, gathering all stakeholders early on in the process and maintaining consistent communication and expectations resulted in establishing consensus amongst the different groups, streamlining the decision making process.

NexCore Prescott Cancer Center Waiting Room

A calm space for patients to relax during their visit.

Located right next to a secluded patient garden, the infusion room offers those receiving treatment to enjoy an abundance of natural light, views of a beautifully landscaped scene, and shade/shadows that transforms throughout the day.

NexCore Prescott Cancer Center Infusion
NexCore Prescott Cancer Center Patient Garden

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