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Frisco Medical Village Medical Office Building

Harrod Healthcare Frisco Medical Village Exterior Hero

Project Stats


Frisco, Texas


40,000 SF




Interior Design

Design that connects to the local environment and serves as a welcoming space to the community.

This developer‑driven medical office building (MOB) is situated in growing region. Though tilt‑wall construction, the level of design isn't sacrificed. Repetitive panels and rigid rhythms of openings and fenestrations lend themselves to the cost‑effective design, while the cladding the exteriors in masonry leans the building into the industrial/railroad aesthetic of historic Frisco.

The building program was extremely efficient on siting, with each piece of the site utilized for the building, parking, or landscaping. To meet the city's requirement of 10% of the site being allocated to greenspace, enhanced landscaping features bookend the building to provide patrons exterior areas of respite.

The MOB was designed with Village Health Partners, a tenant, on board. Special attention was paid to circulation and developing areas of pedestrian activation. The proximity of tenants was paramount to creating synergy for patients. Visitors can visit their child's pediatrician, have x-rays taken at another tenant's suite, then stop by the pharmacy on their way out. As a result of this successful project, a second medical office building is underway.

Developing areas of pedestrian activation

Two key design goals helped define the feel of the exterior of the medical office building — community and a place of respite. The green space serves as a place for patrons to relax throughout their visit. The lush, native landscaping elevates the typical waiting room to a breath of fresh air.

Frisco Medical Village Lobby
Frisco Medical Village Lobby

Bold graphics and natural textures elevate the lobby and evoke a hospitality-like environment.

design and environmental branding

Breaking away from the stereotypical healthcare aesthetic

Meet the tenants

The core and shell of the MOB was built with the anchor tenant, Village Health Partners, attached to the project early on. With the intention of infilling the remaining space with other clients, Corgan worked with several tenants to design their ideal space. 

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