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JPS Health Network Medical Home Clinic

JPS Health Network Medical Home Clinic Hallway and Reception Area Large

Project Stats


Euless, Texas


32,200 SF




Branding & Wayfinding
Interior Design

A community-oriented medical home clinic serving a unique population.

Based on a medical-home clinic model, this Federally Qualified Health Center brings a variety of practices into one, convenient location for the community. The clinic provides services to low income, sometimes uninsured, families, and receives a variety of referrals from immigration services and federal food stamp programs. The community-oriented services the clinic offers include: behavioral health, pharmacy, optometry, dental care, primary care for all ages, women’s health, patient education, imaging, and a daytime partial hospitalization program for individuals with mental health issues.

JPS Health Network Medical Home Clinic Exterior Large
JPS Health Network Medical Home Clinic Sitting Area Small

Melding color, light, and graphics to guide patients through the clinic.

Easy wayfinding for patients and staff between different services is critical. The building’s interior incorporates evidence-based design principles including color, ceiling forms, graphics, and a coordinated entry process and office layout, making the patient’s wayfinding experience as intuitive as possible. 

The build layout also features several major circulation axes with additional signage. Once patients have found their desired waiting room, gardens and courtyards adjacent to the offices provide positive distractions. 

JPS Health Network Medical Home Clinic Waiting Area Small
JPS Health Network Medical Home Clinic Reception Area Large

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