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Jakarta Mixed-Use Hospital

Jakarta Gunas Hospital Extended Front View

Project Stats


Jakarta, Indonesia


250-bed hospital

100-unit condominiums

90,000 SF clinic

1,200 below-grade parking spaces





Creating a destination medical tourism hospital to support a health and wellness environment. 

The melding of the ocean island concept with the complex typology of a hospital creates an ecological wellness oasis dripping with vibrant green gardens and outdoor amenities. These biophilic spaces line the inside of two building forms that take the shape of fractal masses extruding from the sea, mimicking the archipelagos of the area. Nestled at the base of these structures is an internal lush courtyard. The exterior skin of the building protects the landscaping and creates a green chasm. 

The overall design challenge is to appropriately resolve the programmatic density, including a clinic, a 250-bed hospital, and a 100-unit medical tourism condominium, and their separation needs on a typically dense urban site in Jakarta. Blossoming from the concept of an “ocean island,” the building is influenced by the lush archipelago of Indonesia. This design inspiration derived from the unique natural landscape also serves as an organizing element to break the programmatic elements into distinct yet cohesive building forms that facilitate unique arrival sequences and the separation of “on-stage” and “off-stage” circulation.

Conceptual development

Fractal masses find their form in a green chasm

Jakarta Gunas Hospital Massing 1 Cut Image

Fractal masses are extruded from the sea mimicking the archipelagos of the area.

Jakarta Gunas Hospital Massing 2

Building forms begin to take shape, providing distinct towers nestling an internal courtyard.

Jakarta Gunas Hospital Massing 3

The exterior building skin protects the delicate, vertical landscaping by embracing the building forms and creating a green chasm. 

Jakarta Gunas Hospital Section

Division of health and residential

Continuing up the mass of the building, the facility evolves from healthcare spaces to residential — offering a private, alcove-like environment to reduce patient stress and encourage healing, with the higher elevation providing open views to the surrounding city for the condominiums.

Jakarta Gunas Hospital Exterior Rear View

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