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Project Stats


Dublin, Ireland


600,000 m2


Institute of Designers In Ireland Award, Retail Design — Structures & Spaces

IDBA Fit out Award Finalist


Interior Design

Transforming a vacant ground floor into eight prestigious luxury watch boutiques in one location

Paul Sheeran Jewellers appointed Corgan by to coordinate the concept design for each brand in close collaboration with their design teams while also supervising building regulation compliance. As the architectural lead for the project, Corgan created an exceptional high-end jewellery store that serves as a unique and unparalleled retail destination in the bustling heart of Dublin City Centre. The esteemed brands comprising the exceptional ensemble include IWC, Panerai, Jaeger Le-Coultre, Cartier, Hublot, Breitling, Tudor, and Tag Heuer under the anchor of Paul Sheeran.

watch boutique
One retail store, eight brands

Luxury watch boutique in the heart of Dublin

Each brand sought to embody its distinctive aesthetic to stand out in the Irish boutique. Corgan collaborated closely with all eight brands inclusive of Paul Sheeran Jewellers to manifest each of their unique visions for their respective spaces. One of the most significant challenges encountered during the project was effectively coordinating with brand designers overseas, primarily in Switzerland. To establish seamless communication and prevent potential errors, Corgan devoted substantial time to liaising with all design teams consistently to allow an accurate information exchange throughout the project, especially during the pre-construction stage

watch boutique
watch boutique
Phased Construction Meets Stringent Timelines

Launching a prestigious retail establishment in time for Christmas

Phased construction to meet stringent timelines for store openings was paramount to the project’s success. The initial critical milestone involved opening four stores in time for Christmas shoppers, followed by the subsequent grand opening of the remaining four stores in the spring. The success of the fit out was not only determined by close collaboration with brand designers but also coordination with the city and the overall project design team.

watch boutique
watch boutique
Distinctive brand identity

High-end Finishes and Furnishings

The brands maintain their distinctive identities as individual boutiques as customers navigate effortlessly among the various interior spaces within the luxury setting. Unifying all the different brands in one space called for bespoke innovative design elements to create a cohesive design while addressing the look and feel of each brand. The variety of high-end finishes and furnishings unified with a neutral color pallet appeal to the fashionable clientele, creating an upscale retail destination in Dublin’s prestigious City Centre.

watch boutique

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