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Project Stats


Los Angeles, California


75,000 SF


Aviation & Mobility


Interior Design
Sustainability & Wellness

Linking major terminals together. 

Corgan teamed with Turner Construction to deliver the Bradley West - Terminal 4 Connector as a design-build project. Our team was provided a set of bridging documents and a visioning concept of LAWA’s aspirations for the project, and was challenged to deliver a project that would set the new standard for the Central Terminal Area within the schedule and budget constraints. The team responded with a unique form to meet the function of the building while complimenting the existing terminal facilities at LAX.

This project was the first non-residential building in Los Angeles to receive a Cal Green Tier II rating.


The four-story Bradley West - Terminal 4 Connector was constructed on a constrained, multi-level site in the heart of the Central Terminal Area between Terminal 4 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The facility houses a passenger security screening checkpoint, a checked baggage inspection system, vertical circulation atria, and a sterile connection between terminals. The juxtaposition of sweeping curves creates a dynamic rhythm of motion and flight, intuitively guiding passengers between domestic and international gates. 

LAXT4C-040 - reduced_websmall.jpg

Lessons Learned

The project had numerous stakeholders with varied and competing interests:
- Collaboration helped identify a singular focus and create a common goal to complete on time and on budget
- Partnering sessions were instrumental in keeping the team aligned
- The constrained site required flexibility in both design and construction methods to complete the project and maintain airport operations

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