BNA Nashville Terminal & Landside Area Planning

Terminal and Landside Area Planning — BNA Nashville International Airport

  • 4,250,000 SF
  • 205,000-square-foot LEED NC v4 Silver terminal expansion
  • New 599,000-square-foot LEED NC v4 Silver concourse D with 6 domestic gates and concessions
  • New 7.8 Civic Transit plaza with public park, light rail station, and connectivity to terminal
  • New 2.1 million-square-foot central parking garage with 8,000 spaces
  • New 323,000-square-foot LEED NC v4 Silver plaza level grand airport hotel
  • New 76,000 LEED NC v4 Gold Plaza level administration office

Nashville, connected.

BNA Vision is a transformative airport modernization and expansion project to increase capacity and elevate the passenger experience. Driven by significant growth in passenger traffic, it is a new civic symbol for Nashville, reflective of the people, culture, and history. Four key goals guided this effort, including clarity and ease of use, creating a unique sense of place, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

The design process was informed by extensive stakeholder engagement consisting of multiple visioning workshops on topics such as: representing the Nashville community, passenger amenities, and sustainability goals. Out of these discussions, passenger flow and experiential mapping informed strategies of wayfinding, deployment of finishes, and passenger amenities. These explorations also generated three experiential themes that express the character of Nashville and ground the airport in a distinct sense of place: the influence of the natural environment of the Cumberland Forest, the unique culture of “Music City,” and the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods and people of Nashville. Each theme informed the scale, form, materials, patterns, and textures to create a seamless extension of the city.

A spacious new terminal lobby is organized around a daylit vertical circulation core, providing intuitive wayfinding and ease of access to the various levels. Overhead, the ceiling curves to direct views through the terminal, security, and beyond to the new concession node, new international gates, and airfield. Expanded ticketing wings double the existing check in capacity.

A new centralized parking garage sits directly opposite the terminal entrance. Atop this garage, a 7.8-acre landscaped transit plaza is activated by a new LEED Silver hotel, and a new LEED Gold administration office. Linked to the terminal via a pedestrian skybridge, this plaza will also accommodate a future phase light rail station linking the airport directly to downtown.

Linking these experiences is the iconic “Airwave” canopy. Its wood look soffit, punctuated with skylights, connects from the plaza, over the roadway, and through the interior of the terminal to the new international gates. It unifies the campus into a cohesive experience providing intuitive wayfinding for airport users. The patterns and forms of the city and its unique neighborhoods inform the scale, texture, and atmosphere of the airport, creating a welcoming environment.

The new eight-gate domestic Concourse D provides additional capacity and is punctuated by a centralized concession node. Ample daylight and views, local dining and shopping, a variety of seating options, and a live music stage elevate the passenger experience and provide “Nashville hospitality” to passengers.


The modern airport is a self-contained city. Passengers demand exceptional experiences from approach to departure. Owners and airlines face the growing challenge of balancing real-world constraints of function, constructability, and value while building memorable and positive brand equity.

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