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PHX Sky Harbor Airport Exterior

Project Stats


Phoenix, Arizona


275,000 SF

8 gates


ACI Environmental Achievement Awards, Innovation Award

ENR Southwest Best Projects Award, Airport/Transit

Interior Design, Best of Year Award Honoree

IIDA Southwest Design Excellence Awards




LEED Silver (in progress)


Aviation & Mobility


Branding & Wayfinding
Interior Design
Sustainability & Wellness

A delightful and artful airport experience.

The development of the new S-1 Concourse at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport represents the final development envelope within the Terminal 4 complex. The development of the new eight-gate concourse and passenger connection bridges results in a design that provides modern passenger amenities and outbound baggage handling processing capacity to support Southwest Airlines' growth. 

The location provides a new west façade for Terminal 4, creating more transparency and visual connectivity for passengers. The program maximizes the development envelope of the last available site and accommodates larger gauge aircraft than the existing concourses.  

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Exterior

Navigation to gates and amenities is made easy through the seamless integration of signage, branding, and technology.

Finding the various customer amenities, including access to charging stations in every seat, an Animal Relief Area, Family Restroom, and Nursing Room, is intuitive through the integration of bright colors, smart lighting, and graphic signage.

For the hearing impaired, hearing loop technology allows hearing devices to connect to the PA system.

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Interior Gate Skylights
PHX Sky Harbor Airport Restrooms
PHX Sky Harbor Airport Pet Relief
PHX Sky Harbor Airport Interior Ceiling Detail
Investment in the Arts

Celebrating the region through materiality, art, and culture, inspired by the local landscape.

Reinforcing Sky Harbor’s reputation as a major center for public art, the design highlights installations that celebrate local materiality, art, culture, and geology of the Arizona landscape.

A baffled ceiling design, inspired by the nearby Imperial Sand Dunes, was parametrically modeled to emulate the soft flowing curves of the geologic forms unique to Arizona.

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Corridor
Terrazzo by Susan Logoreci

An Immersive Art Project

A terrazzo art experience, "Phoenix Lights, Phoenix Rising," immerses visitors as they travel through the connection corridor.

An expansive 30' x 300' floor design depicts the changing terrain as seen from above, transitioning from mountains to city lights. Lining the walls are 28 corresponding 2' x 3' airplane window-shaped terrazzo art pieces portraying aerial views of the Phoenix landscape.

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Detail - Mountain

Terrazzo Window, Mountains

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Detail - City Lights

Terrazzo Window, City Lights

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Floor Detail - Mountain

Terrazzo Floor, Mountains

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Terrazzo Floor Detail - City Lights

Terrazzo Floor, City Lights

PHX Sky Harbor Airport Interior Sky Lights

Sustainable design. Sustainable materials. Sustainable process.

Designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, a key sustainable design element is the incorporation of approximately 14,000 square feet of electrochromic glazing which tints windows instantaneously based on the outdoor temperature and angle of the sun. The technology not only reduces the energy consumption, but also adds to passenger comfort.

Other sustainable elements include the baffled ceiling which uses a material made from recycled plastic bottles. Walls are comprised of sustainable paper, millions of pounds of recycled concrete and rebar were used, and charging stations are provided for electric ground service vehicles. Also incorporated are thousands of LED lights, water-efficient fixtures in every restroom, and a cooling system that saves water and reduces chemical storage.

The resulting project earned the Innovation Award by the Airports Council in the annual Environmental Achievement Awards program.

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