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EDRA 54 Conference

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Melissa Hoelting
Associate, Assistant Director — Hugo

Hugo Presents Research at International Environmental Design Conference

Corgan's Hugo Team joined more than 500 like-minded academics and professionals from around the world to present at the international EDRA 54 Conference in Mexico City. As a resource for data-driven design and research, Hugo shared resources and insights from recent reports studying the relationship between people, the built environment, and the ecosystem.

Corgan’s participation in the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) contributes to building a large global knowledge bank where leaders openly share their research and findings to collectively improve environmental design. This type of open-source approach leads to industry-wide innovation and improvement to create more human-centric environments.

The conference highlights that thinking globally and learning from our neighbors in a complementary and shared spirit helps us take action in new ways for unprecedented impact.

A Leader in Research & Innovation

Sharing Insights on the Future of Design

Corgan’s Hugo Team presented their findings and methodologies to more than 500 international architects and academics at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Hugo’s reports examine the environmental and societal impact of architecture and design on our cities, classrooms, and workplaces.  

Environmental strategies for design are basic needs we need to address at all scales of the design continuum. Our public spaces serve as 'living rooms' for our communities, which are similar to the integrated spaces we design in our architectural solutions every day – human-centric design considers safety, comfort, integration, promotion of health, movement, and resilience, all while creating a communal identity and ownership for all occupants.

Melissa Hoelting
The Research

Latest Hugo Reports

Corgan's team was asked to deliver three presentations based on recent reports tapping nationwide surveys, data analysis, prototype comparisons, and comprehensive research. The reports explore the influence of design on current trends in building materials within the urban environment, empathetic and functional design to improve the classroom for teachers, and strategies for adaptable and flexible use in the hybrid workplace.

Take a look at the reports to learn more. 

Corgan continues to expand its team dedicated to discovering the latest tools and technology that shape design while investigating the impact of the built environment on the human experience. As a data-driven firm, these insights unlock new solutions for our projects and clients to create more sustainable, resilient and human places that shape our world.  

Part of our purpose is to move the needle by providing and sharing our insights, data, and research on the impact of places and spaces on people and the surrounding environment. This conference gives us a platform to make a measurable difference on a global-wide scale.

Melissa Hoelting

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