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Financial Company Dallas_client lobby

Project Stats


Dallas, Texas


100,000 SF


IIDA Texas Oklahoma, Best in City Center Award


LEED Silver




Branding & Wayfinding
Furniture Strategy
Interior Design
Sustainability & Wellness

Purposeful design reflects the sleek and lively local arts area.

This design pulls from the energy and sleek, polished aesthetic of the local arts district. Lively spaces stimulate collaboration, interaction, and connection while appealing to a youthful demographic to support employee retention. Spaces are designed to encourage connection among business groups and to allow employees and clients to come together while providing transparency and accessibility to leadership. 

Financial Company Dallas_open office
Open Office

Open office areas feature a dynamic lighting layout reflective of the street grid system, providing an energetic feel. Subtle graphics applied to glazing and demountable panels further emphasize this urban grid theme.

Financial Company Dallas_meeting room
Design for Neurodiversity

Multiple work settings creates a neurodiversity friendly environment traditional open office workstations, library tables for multiple users, small and enclosed pods for heads down work, and stations located in the social hub known as the work café. 

Financial Company Dallas_waiting area
High-end Approach

The fifth floor houses the Client Center, a high-end suite for private banking and wealth management clients. Taking a more refined approach, the center features custom lighting, double-pane glass walls for acoustic privacy, elegant wood paneling, and detailed millwork.

The entire project delivers an enhanced user experience, increases comfort, and weaves the brand and history together, providing a distinct local feel.

Financial Company Dallas_Kimball hallway

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