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Chandler Elementary School Renovations, Allen ISD

Open Library Space

Project Stats


Allen ISD




119,074 SF




Interior Design
Sustainability & Wellness

Reimagining the learning environment.

Allen ISD is on a mission to update all its elementary schools to address sustainability and promote progressive education with open, fun, and inspiring learning zones for K-6th grade students. At Chandler Elementary School, the renovation transforms the space, replacing outdated double-loaded corridors with a bright airy social hub and library/media center that creates gathering spaces for interaction, private areas for reading and downtime, and flexibility to support learning and connection.

Removing existing walls opens the space and integrates the central hub as an extension of the classroom where students can learn and interact across grade levels to support mentoring and connection. A large tree structure and colorful ceiling elements allude to nature and emphasize the Cheetah brand. A sliding glass partition portions the science lab/maker area and opens to the larger space as needed.

ChandlerES_nooks small

Learning Nooks

Learning risers provide seating and lead to recessed rectangles in the wall that carve out private crawl spaces to sit or read, while booths and tables encourage small group interaction. Modular furnishings and rolling bookcases throughout allow flexibility to adapt the room to personalize spaces that meet student needs at their level.

Students collaborate while a teacher assists others
Colorful wall segmented by a garage-type door made of glass. Chairs and desks all around the space.

Sustainable improvements include upgraded media technology, MEP, lighting, and a geothermal heating and cooling system that replaces large mechanical spaces and equipment, creating energy cost savings for the district and additional learning spaces.

Chandler_tree small

Library Hub

The library hub promotes social connection while providing an inviting, functional, and safe place that encourages students to collaborate and interact, take breaks and recharge, or study independently in an environment that makes learning fun while serving as the prototype for Allen ISD’s future elementary schools.

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