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Wanda Dalla Costa

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Corgan’s Human Resources Director Halima McWilliams sat down with Wanda Dalla Costa, the first woman architect in First Nations in Canada, a professor at Arizona State, and Founding Director of the Tawaw Architecture Collective. In this inspiring conversation, Wanda takes us on what began as a six-month backpacking trip to Australia and turned into a seven-year journey, exploring indigenous cultures, urban environments, and buildings on seven continents around the world.

Passionate about how place-based design and connecting with nature is required for humans to thrive, Wanda feels designers should understand and align with the beliefs of indigenous tribes, giving them special agency over their environment to preserve their lifestyle, history, and culture. Join us and learn how collective creative intelligence and stewardship of the natural world can shape architecture and design in this episode of TheSquare.

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