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Lights. Camera. Action! Tune in this week as MediaLab’s Ludo Michaud and John Higgs join the creatives of Zapir Visualizations, aka ZAPVIZ, who’ve traveled all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to talk about the past, present, and future of imagining technology and its impact on architectural renderings. Don’t miss this deep dive into everything from paint brushes and pencils to AI, CG-Integration, VR, and 3D augmented virtual reality and how motion graphics and special effects have influenced how images are created, radically changing the design industry over the past 30 years.

Meet Martin and Julieta and discover the insights and opinions of these young design professionals and how they use visualization techniques to bring architectural renderings alive through photography, lighting, animation, film, and immersive experiences. Learn how music, movies, and art inspire their most creative ideas and artistic solutions as they connect with the storytellers from MediaLab to unravel the mysteries of graphic design imaging and cutting-edge technologies in this episode of The Square.

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