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A Global Perspective: Data Centers

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Corgan's London Office

Corgan’s London Studio – located on the South Bank – is an international hub from which we support our global data center operations and pursue new prospects to bring much-needed critical infrastructure to all corners of the world. Leading our London Data Center practice, Dylan Bussey shares his insights for building in dense urban landscapes, operating under stressed power grids, and navigating the myriad of strict environmental and code regulations that differ vastly from country to country.

Corgan is experiencing tremendous growth in international markets where data center construction can’t seem to keep pace with demand. Our London Studio has gained a strong foothold in data center hotspots across the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, and Italy while moving into emerging markets throughout Eastern Europe, Singapore, and the Middle East.

Corgan’s London Team meets the growing demand for data centers worldwide.

International trends in data center design

Our team partners with clients to navigate the challenges faced when expanding into global markets — from finding new sites in dense urban environments and adding capacity with taller vertical buildings to coping with dwindling power supplies and regulations that can vary drastically across different locations.

As the #1 data center firm in the U.S. market, we are helping our existing clients expand internationally while also supporting new clients who seek our expertise and services to meet increasing global demand when it comes to co-location, hyperscale, and mega data centers. Corgan’s breadth of experience across the entire range of data center typologies is second to none – and we’ve designed more than 10GW to date.

Our London team dives into research and solutions for our clients in the UK and EU.

Innovative solutions for the UK and Europe

As suitable real estate becomes more scarce, data centers move toward inner cities. Driven not only by the availability of land, but also technical requirements around latency and availability zones, the days of the data center as a rural building type are long gone. Our team conducts research and undergoes rigorous planning and charettes to maximize real estate in more urban environments. We partner closely with local stakeholders to lead our clients through site selection and feasibility studies to procure the right real estate in these dense urban environments.

To learn more, read The Data Center Next Door.

Density dictates the trend towards multi-level data centers. To maximize capacity and profitability within tighter footprints, the move to vertical solutions means innovative design solutions to accommodate the unique structural loading requirements, electrical systems, and heat rejection systems required by this specialized building type. The unique challenges of construction logistics and plant replacement strategies on an urban site also require careful consideration. Corgan’s experience designing multi-story data centers on tight urban sites in major metropolitan areas like the Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Dallas translates to these demands abroad.

Learn more at Going Up: The High-Rise Data Center

Urban data centers are designed more like the workplace with floor-to-ceiling glazing, work cafés, and lounge areas.

The move to densely populated areas calls for attention to aesthetics. While technical acumen is required to coordinate the complex systems inside a data center, Corgan’s design expertise is becoming increasingly significant when applied to the building’s exterior. To appeal to tenants and attract top talent in sophisticated jurisdictions as well as address concerns about whether these data centers can integrate into the fabric of existing neighborhoods, we design attractive facades that disguise building mechanics as well as create higher-end lobbies and elevated workspaces, landscaping, and amenities to welcome tenants and employees. We also address the need enhanced security which is critical with the pedestrian traffic in major metropolitan cities.

To learn more view Episode #59 of TheSquare: Metro Edge Case Study.

Understanding complex regulations and environmental controls. No two data center markets are alike, and regulations governing the built environment can vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another. Corgan’s four decades of data center experience encompasses projects across the globe. Our depth of resources and knowledge allow us to guide our clients through the challenges of construction, wherever their business needs may take them. By implementing the latest collaborative technology, we leverage our expertise on both a global and a local level, and our teams work seamlessly across borders and time zones using the latest cloud-based technologies.

Corgan’s workplace provides the London team with the resources they need to explore global opportunities.

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