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2023 Curiosity Report

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Architecture in the Age of AI

What does AI mean for architecture and design?

Take a look at the challenges & potential of AI in design. Welcome to the future of architecture...

This year's vision

Taking Action for Positive Change.

Lofty goals are easy to make, but measurable impact requires thoughtful action. As we identify areas in our industry to challenge, iterate, and build solutions toward, we build momentum from the initial spark of innovation and bring our future more into focus.


Step Back to Step Forward

But action doesn't mean moving fast and breaking things anymore. Instead, we're taking stock for a more intentional, meaningful approach. We're also doing away with the notion that reducing impedes progress. Rather, it can be a step forward--a pause that empowers us to reflect, simplify, and advance in more effective, thoughtful ways. Balancing the need for design with a more considered approach for the environment better addresses the “next” by right-sizing our ideas to be more actionable today.


What will we focus on?

In this edition of the Curiosity Report, we explore the challenge and opportunity for design to actively engage with the evolution of our planet, philosophies, and society.

Tap into the power of AI. Optimize how we learn and connect with each other in the metaverse. Proactively track our carbon footprint and uncover new materiality in the circular economy. Together, we're investigating what the shifts in human behavior and emerging technology mean for future of design--applying what we know now to shape a future we haven't yet imagined.

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Throughout 2023, the Hugo team will be tackling these timely topics in partnership with industry experts to incrementally share new insights, ideas, and precedents to not only explore the “What if…?” but the “How can we…?”.  — empowering us to dive deeper, respond with agility to our rapidly changing world, and meaningfully engage with the pioneers as we collectively reimagine a better future for everyone.

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