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Data Centers

A global launch through an immersive and customizable experience

OTTO is the first fully autonomous platform in the world to provide a solution for increasing computer densities that are beyond the threshold of traditional air-cooled strategies using two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology. This new platform allows data centers to be condensed to a fraction of their original size.

TMGcore partnered with Corgan's Data Centers studio to reimagine the data center of the future and how its design will adjust to incorporate this new technology. Corgan's design incorporates the sleek, high-tech form language and color palette of the TMGcore OTTO module.

TMGcore then tasked Corgan with creating a platform for the global launch of OTTO. Combining the storytelling powers of MediaLab with the fearless innovation of Hugo, Corgan's research and development arm, a harmonious ecosystem of digital content and physical space created an immersive and powerful journey that tapped into all five senses. By integrating elements like sound and smell with digital content in a physical environment, a powerful, complex, multi-sensory hybrid experience is created to help educate viewers on this new, revolutionary technology and how the new technology opens global possibilities to work from anywhere.

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