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Atlanta, Georgia


63,600 SF




Interior Design

Stronger Together

Sterling Seacrest Pritchard is the result of the merger between two premier specialty insurance brokerage and risk management firms: Sterling Seacrest Partners and Pritchard & Jerden. This merger established the largest privately-held independent insurance brokerage firm in Georgia and one of the fastest-growing privately-held insurance brokerage firms in the Southeast.

Driven by a commitment to serving both their clients and their organization, Sterling Seacrest Pritchard tapped Corgan to create an office environment to unify their brands while celebrating their diverse workforce and embodying their company culture. The office design prioritizes an efficient planning approach and captivating aesthetics, striking a harmonious balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Connecting a diverse workforce

Tailored to maximize functionality within the built environment

The office offers a welcoming and comfortable setting that encourages collaboration and a sense of belonging. In the elevator lobby and leading into the reception area, a contrasting bright and neutral color palette defines the interior space and exudes a warm ambiance. The monumental staircase connecting the two floors enhances employee interaction and spatial flow.


At each end of the staircase, inviting public-facing spaces such as open lounges, coffee bars, and breakrooms are strategically placed to encourage interaction and connectivity among teams. Expansive lounge areas, a large conference room, and high-top tables offer spaces for group work collaboration while huddle rooms and offices provide privacy for heads down work.


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