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Fort Bend Net Zero Middle School — Fort Bend ISD

Fort Bend Net Zero Middle School — Fort Bend ISD

  • 240,657 square feet
  • 600 geothermal borings
  • the solar design will generate just under 1 megawatt of electricity

Creating a healthy educational environment through zero consumption.

The new 240,657-square-foot Fort Bend Middle School will serve 1,600 students, employing a net-zero design strategy to produce as much energy on-site as it consumes. Using a net zero site energy model, the school will measure energy production and consumption at the site on an annual basis. To achieve this goal, the team identified both solar and geothermal renewable energy to power the middle school. The school features 600 geothermal borings, which will be dispersed around the site, and will generate just under one megawatt of electricity. The design team is also using ICF (insulated concrete form) to create a high-performing building envelope.

Each grade level will have a dedicated learning pod containing classrooms, instructional pullout spaces, multipurpose lab, and digital stem labs. The school will be separated by core grade level learning environments, and large shared spaces, such as the media center (library), commons, and competition gym, are all in proximity to the rear entry plaza for organization and convenience in after-hours school and community activities. Outdoor learning areas are integrated to help engage the students outside of traditional classroom learning.

Upon completion, the school will be the largest net-zero school in the United States.