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exterior shot

Project Stats


Salt Lake City, Utah


95,000 SF

Data Hall

50,000 SF

Critical Load

10 MW


Data Centers


Branding & Wayfinding
Interior Design

Located on a data center campus, this building is considered the "front door" to the rest of the site. With exterior colors matching the rest of the buildings, the orange canopy is an exception so visitors are drawn to the main entrance.

The two-story office accommodates an owner requested tour path to overlook the data hall, UPS, and yard and still remain indoors on the less secure side. The data center space is one-story, which challenged the design team to find the correct floor-to-floor height for the office spaces, while allowing a for a view to be maintained into all data center areas. 

Since there is no overhead piping, the corridors are on RAF in order to allow for piping to route under. There is also trenching in the yard and UPS rooms which required coordination between all disciplines, so the correct dimensions and equipment would be supported.

Conference room
Office Space

16,500 SF

Branded exteriors serve as a gateway to the data center campus.

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