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Coppell Arts Center

Coppell Arts Exterior

Project Stats


Coppell, Texas


32,425 SF


The Dallas Morning News, Best Live Theatre Venue in DFW 



Cultural icon with strong connections to the community.

Situated in Coppell’s Old Town neighborhood, The Coppell Arts Center Performance Hall celebrates the arts, culture, and entertainment, enriching and connecting the community by providing an events center and venue to showcase regional and national talent. Corgan designed the state-of-the-art facility as an anchor to the neighborhood and an activity hub to invite citizens and visitors to engage with city-wide events.

The space features a grand entry hall with an art gallery space to socialize and gather, a variety of spaces for small group meetings, art classes, and theatrical performances, and a spacious performance hall for on-stage events.  

Coppell Arts Center Section

Section Diagram

A Place for Entertainment

Supporting the arts near and far.

The facility accommodates national touring performances while also serving as both a local and regional draw into this vibrant portion of the town.

Coppell Arts Center Stage
Coppell Arts Center Stage View
Coppell Arts Center Stage
Coppell Arts Brick Detail
Coppell Arts Brick Detail Context
It's all in the details

Using ordinary materials to create texture and bring sophisticated detail to the space.

A sculpted masonry rear wall located in the main hall combines rigorous acoustic defragmentation techniques with articulated brick patterns and shapes.

Community Gathering

A home for local artists.

The Coppell Arts Center provides a home for local arts groups while serving as a social congregation spot for music, theater, weddings, art, education, and meetings. The outdoor grove compliments the adjacent farmers market where over a thousand customers visit on any given Saturday to find local healthy food.

Coppell Arts Outdoor Event Space
Coppell Arts Interior Event Space
Coppell Arts Gallery
Coppell Arts Gallery Hall

A thirty-foot high north facing gallery provides panoramic views through a poetic wood timber curtain wall system while providing indirect diffused lighting for activities within the space.

A Modern theatrical interpretation

The wood curtain wall system references turn of the century wood timber buildings in an irregular spaced pattern inspired by modern theater rigging.

Mullions merge articulated profiles reminiscent of historic steel storefront systems with the pervasive white color trim utilized in the neighborhood. Vertical white frit patterns provide additional façade scale and texture.

Coppell Arts Curtain Wall Interior
Coppell Arts Curtain Wall Exterior

Pulling Back the Curtain

Immerse yourself and learn about the design choices made while crafting the beautiful Coppell Arts Center.

Awards & Recognition

  • Dallas Morning News Logo

    Best Live Theatre Venue in DFW

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