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Canyon Ranch Elementary School — Coppell ISD

Canyon Ranch Elementary School — Coppell ISD

  • Size: 111,970 SF
  • Services: Architectural and interior design services


“House” concept to create smaller, focused learning opportunities.

The new elementary school is designed based on the “house” concept. Learners and facilitators are assigned a specific house, continuing on through the fifth grade. This allows classes to create smaller communities within the larger whole. Six houses are scattered on two levels, each house having the capacity to instruct 135 students.

Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor learning was a main goal determined in the visioning process. The houses open onto one large and several smaller collaboration spaces, which double as additional classrooms. The library and cafeteria are at the heart of the campus, opening to an interior courtyard where students can dine and interact with learning structures and each other. Bringing the outside in resulted in having the four elements guide the interior design style.