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Argyle West Elementary School, Argyle ISD

Argyle ES_Entry

Project Stats


Argyle ISD


106,000 SF




Interior Design

To support a new community development, the new, two-story elementary school puts student first. The design defines the community's values of growth and connection through interwoven indoor and outdoor collaboration spaces, a centrally located library, and public spaces for after hour use. Flexible spaces allow students to customize their learning environment.

The scale and organization of the building is focused on younger students using colorful wayfinding and loop plan. Circulation patterns allow visibility to the courtyard at any vantage point.

The site shares a border with the park and bike trail that runs through the linear park, functioning as a main thoroughfare for the community. 

Argyle ES_courtyard

Library as an Anchor

The circular library serves as a beacon for the campus, creating a courtyard that radiates around it. 

Argyle ES_Library
Argyle ES_hallway

Colorful Wayfinding

Primary colors guide students through the school for intuitive and fun wayfinding. 

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