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American Express Centurion Lounge at Miami International Airport

MIA AMEX-Main Large

Project Stats


8,000 SF


Miami, Florida


Aviation & Mobility


Interior Design

Multiple zones for different travel styles.

The Centurion Lounge, located in Concourse D, is defined by multiple zones. On one side, it boasts a full kitchen and bar, featuring premium food and beverages. On the opposite, a luxurious lounge space offers quiet work areas and a family room. The two zones are furnished with modern amenities and flight information displays. 

This lounge includes a unique circular lounge space with computer charging bars that overlook the concourse level below, as well as private seating nooks and a distinctive, sculptural finish to accommodate the curved surface of the walls. 

Living Spaces

This lounge includes premium-level materials and a living botanical wall that passengers experience upon entry.

MIA AMEX-Lobby Large
MIA AMEX-Lobby 2 Large

Signature branding elements tailored to create lasting impact.

MIA AMEX-Lounge Large
MIA AMEX-Lounge 2 Large

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