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Spiffy new Dallas County parking garage built for future — including potential towering future


Dallas County's new parking garage was built with an eye toward the future — both the future of electric vehicles and that of downtown Dallas. The 12-story garage at 700 Jackson St., across from the George Allen Courts Building, is planned to open this week.

Dallas-based architecture firm Corgan designed the garage. General contractors Azteca-Omega Group and H.J. Russell & Company constructed the building in a joint venture. More than half of the subcontractors are minority or women-owned businesses, the developers said. Carolyn Mulligan, project architect for Corgan, designers wanted to ensure that the garage was surrounded by a walkable pedestrian experience.

"The most important thing that we care about with any building downtown is what the ground level looks like, first and foremost," Mulligan said. "It has to be integrated with the city." She said the building uses fractal design techniques, breaking the facade into three tiers so it doesn't look as massive as it could have otherwise. "On a cloudy day like this, the building actually blends into the sky, which is really nice," Mulligan said on a project tour. "It makes it not feel so ominous or so big."


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