We honor our promises and obligations and expect others to do the same. When we talk about opportunities to collaborate, grow, stretch and succeed, we back them up in practice. The Corgan studio encourages hands-on learning, interaction, and creativity. As a studio member, you’ll work in partnership with architects, interior designers, consultants, and clients. From day one, you can make a real impact and be involved in projects from initial programming through final walk-through. We believe that experience makes a better, well-rounded designer.

Internships Following Graduation

To learn about internships following graduation, watch for us on your campus at career fairs, interviews, receptions, critiques, and other events throughout the year. We also support university programs through relationships with key faculty, administrators, and leaders of student organizations across the nation. We also support Interns following graduation through preparation for registration exams and assist with IDP requirements. Leaders of our firm regularly go to campuses to meed students in person - building relationships that lead to great hires because we hire the best!

Student Internships for every Season

Prior to your third and fourth years, consider spending a summer or winter break with Corgan. We offer seasonal internships, as well as residency, practicum, co-op and other work study programs for top students from around the globe. During this time, you will gain a broad range of hands-on project experience that will build lasting relationships through a close-knit intern network. And remember to learn, grow, and have fun.

Corgan is passion, excellence, integrity, balance, & curiosity.

Throughout the years, we have worked with many different architects from Corgan. Regardless of the architect, we have always experienced a high level of quality and professionalism from anyone associated with Corgan.

Scott Lane
Assistant Superintendent for Support Services
Irving Independent School District

I like Corgan because whatever you want to do, people will get behind you and support you and you can determine your own path.

Lindsay Wilson

What I love most about working at Corgan is that I really feel like I have a voice here and I'm heard.

Zoe Zabel
Marketing Coordinator

It is truly a pleasure to work with Corgan and their team. They are always a great team leader and member, keeping the benefit of the owner in front of the entire team at all times.

Neal L. Harper
Cadence McShane Corporation