Corgan was conceived to anticipate emerging client needs and to respond quickly and powerfully. We've developed that agility over eight decades of continuous invention and innovation. We navigate the changes in our client’s industries and respond with new forms, spaces, and solutions. Our founders, Jack Corgan and his son and successor, C. Jack, were born innovators who left an indelible imprint. Their commitment to above-and-beyond service and client success is part of their legacy and the foundation on which we’ve built our international network of offices today.


Corgan Firsts

  • Jack M. Corgan was one of the first ten individuals to pass the newly initiated architect’s licensing test in Texas.
  • First commercial use of the moving walkway in an airport.
  • First to employ use of the slip form method to construct drive-in movie theater towers.
  • First purpose built, greenfield data center to be awarded LEED Gold Certification worldwide.
  • First net-zero school in the state of Texas, and the largest net-zero educational facility in the country. Lady Bird Johnson Middle School
  • Co-design architect for the first airport terminal to achieve LEED Silver status in two new buildings constructed at the same time and the largest airport terminal in the U.S. to achieve LEED Silver certification. Sacramento Central Terminal B
  • First use of an elevated automated people mover (monorail) at an airport. Braniff Terminal at Love Field
  • First architectural firm to win the “American Business Ethics Award.”
  • First to place mechanical galleries around data center white spaces.
  • First architectural firm in Texas to have constructed its own ground-up LEED-certified building. Corgan’s headquarters is also the first newly constructed, privately-owned office building in Dallas to achieve this certification.
  • First WELL certified building in the state of Texas. Stryker Communications Headquarters

That was Then
This is Now