Jeddah General and Surgical Hospital

Jeddah General and Surgical Hospital

  • 29,000-square-meter hospital
  • 8,312-square-meter rehab facility
  • 12,397-square-meter medical office building
  • 212 patient beds
  • Services provided: Full service architecture and interior design
  • Project type: New construction

The Jeddah General Medicine and Surgical Hospital is unique to Saudi Arabia, as it combines three major healthcare facilities; a surgical hospital, a rehabilitation center and a medical office building. Situated on the Corniche Bay, the 49,708-square-meter campus is designed with elements of evidence-based design to encourage positive distraction and ease the patient experience. Implementation of traditional Hijazi elements (such as local building materials) fused with state-of-the-art technology and ideas produces a modern form, while relating to the architecture of the region. While each structure is unique in program and function, a unified healthcare machine is achieved by implementation of centralized cores and a planning concept of on-stage and off-stage users.


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Our spaces inform guests, direct the public, comfort patients, facilitate staff and doctors, and celebrate life.  Corgan partners with you and your team to define a truly appropriate and viable solution for your facility. Then, we measure every inch of space against the demands of the building's users; the elements that challenge it; and the land that it inhabits to achieve optimal functionality.

Modifying, expanding or developing new healthcare facilities requires an integrated and multi-tracked planning approach. From the equipment and regulations to the interior spaces and parking facilities, we understand the operational, clinical and financial objectives.


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