Leadership Corgan

The Program

Leadership Corgan is a key part of Corgan’s Leadership Development Program. Started in 2003, the program introduces rising leaders in the firm to community and business leaders, and focuses on the importance of Servant Leadership and giving back to our communities. The program educates class members on Gallup’s strengths-based leadership philosophy and equips class members with the tools to lead, create and innovate utilizing their strengths.


Class Project

This year's class project benefited the Texas Ramp Project. On Saturday, May 7, the class met to prepare for build day and load trucks with wood, drills, and building supplies. After a full day of hard work, accessible ramps were built at five different homes for residents who had lost mobility due to age, illness, or accidents and would otherwise not be able to afford them.

In addition to volunteering manpower, the Leadership Corgan class also pledged to raise money for Texas Ramp Project. Through donations from industry partners and support from co-workers, the class exceeded its goal, raising over $12,000!  Huge thank you to all who helped make this year's class project such a success!

To date, the nonprofit has provided over 10,000 free ramps for disabled and elderly people who can’t afford them on their own. Their vision is that “No Texas resident shall lack safe access to and from his or her home because of financial limitations.”

If you would like more information about the Texas Ramp Project, their website and Facebook page.





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Ferguson, Braswell & Fraser

Blackson Brick  /  Concept Surfaces  /  MHBT  /  Purdy-McGuire, Inc.  /  Virteva
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The members of the Class of 2016, nominated by their principals, include Roger Basarich, Andy Bell, Wendy Bosek, Matt Callan, Eduarda Cardoso, Brandon Carmichael, Laura Coomber, Cory Dear, Brian DeGravelle, Anita Delgado, Jenessa Disler, Emily Duncan, Kelsey Dunn, Hunter Floyd, Scott Gorenc, Brittany Knoll, Chip Kohr, Tom Kruger, Cameron Lassiter, Brad Latson, Reanell McClure, Kent McGilberry, Farhad Mody, Josh Rayles, David Safir, Regina Stamatiou, Garry Walling and John Westbrook.


Guest Speakers

LaurieGrace Bouldin, "Collaboration Guru" and curriculum leader based on Gallup's StrengthsFinder

Dan Micciche, Dallas ISD Board Trustee

David Vobora, Founder of Adaptive Training Foundation

Mark Pollack, United Way

Brian Farragut, Leadership Dallas Alumni Community Day Chair

Maggie Cooke Kipp, Volunteer/Fundraiser Extraordinaire

Gretchen Feinhals, The Senior Source

Lara Gaither, Founder of The Birthday Party Project

David Lind, Corgan Chairman of the Board




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