Visibility, connection and collaboration

A shift from private to open office

  • upgraded lighting
  • upgraded technology
  • new furniture
  • collaborative spaces
  • change management services provided

TXI wanted to completely update the way they work, moving from a 95% private office configuration to a 95% open office configuration. Visibility, connection and collaboration were the main drivers of the project with the goal being to make sensible, value driven decisions that would yield the largest benefit for their employees. Upgraded lighting and technology as well as new furniture contributed to the overall comfort and productivity of the staff. Areas of collaboration were highlighted in the design and purposefully placed along the paths of travel to incur spontaneous interaction between employees who had previously worked in silos. Along with a team of TXI employees, Corgan conducted a change management effort. Strategically delivered messages, training sessions, field trips and furniture mock ups helped transition the employees from a closed environment to an open and collaborative one.