Power and control

Reflecting the Traxxas Culture

  • 90,000-square-foot office building
  • 87,500-square-foot distribution center
TRAXXAS is a radio control model manufacturer offering electric and nitro powered cars and boats for all driver skill levels. Due to their rapid growth, Traxxas built a new 29-acre campus which includes a new 87,500-square-foot distribution center; a 90,000-square-foot office building with a retail space where Traxxas products, clothing and gear can be purchased; and an auditorium that will house Mike Jenkin’s personal collection of classic and high performance vehicles. The auditorium will also play host to Barrett-Jackson car auction events. The facility was designed to express its market/creative/experience focused values and supports its own balance between the energy of power and the restraint of control.


Design must yield a return. It might be a return on investment, delighted tenants, improved wellness, or a more enjoyable workspace. That return — the return on our deep experience — is what the Corgan team makes possible.

The experience of creating great places should be as thoughtful, energizing, and engaging as the space itself. By putting our client’s objectives at the center of every decision, Corgan designs inviting environments that achieve goals and build meaningful value.

We approach each opportunity as engaged, open-minded collaborators. We work fast and hard, but keep the process easygoing. Corgan’s deep commercial experience and forward-looking approach mean we respond to client dynamics with speed and agility. We know when and where to spend, and, more importantly, when not to spend. We maximize opportunity and minimize risk and inefficiencies.

At Corgan, the only standard for successful design is a satisfied client.

10M square feet of shell building architecture in the past 5 years