PHX Terminal 3 Re-Lifing & Expansion

Terminal 3 Re-Lifing & Expansion – Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport

  • Size: 675,000 SF
  • Services provided: Full architectural and interior design services
  • Project type: Renovation/addition
Corgan was part of the design-build team retained to modernize and expand Terminal 3. The program addresses code and infrastructure upgrades, consolidation of the security checkpoints serving the north and south concourses, additional concessions and reconfiguration of check-in and baggage claim areas to meet current processing methods. The existing south concourse was demolished and reconstructed as an 18-gate concourse with expanded concessions opportunities. This additional replacement capacity allows for the demolition of Terminal 2. Curbside check-in and drop-off moved inside to an adjacent parking structure, which allows for reconfiguration of the landside curbs on both the north and south faces and provides significant improvement to curb length and utilization. As a part of this re-lifing program, the passenger experience was enhanced through circulation flow improvements, introduction of natural light and views to the surrounding landscape. The exterior of the terminal received a new west elevation and roof treatment that will provide shading and improve the energy efficiency of the building and provide a new, bold image as the new “front door” to the airport with dramatic views to downtown Phoenix.


The modern airport is a self-contained city. Passengers demand exceptional experiences from approach to departure. Owners and airlines face the growing challenge of balancing real-world constraints of function, constructability, and value while building memorable and positive brand equity.

Corgan is an international leader in airport terminal design. Our drive to create the best client experience brings airports and airlines back to us time after time.

Going above and beyond is our daily mission. Operational-based solutions are conceived with rigor; empathetic, user-experience insights come from deep listening and virtual prototyping. As design solutions marry function and delight, all experiences are elevated.

Corgan exceeds boundaries to solve the world’s greatest aviation challenges with research, design, and devotion to our clients.




We understand scheduling, capacity, material selection and operational challenges. We facilitate consensus across all interested parties to achieve a long-term design solution. The need for uninterrupted operations is unquestionable.