Data Centers

T5 Data Center

LEED Silver certified

Multi-tenant Enterprise Data Center

  • Tier III
  • Seismically enhanced to 1.5 importance factor
  • 100,000 square feet raised floor

The overall program is a single story, 105,000-square-foot building containing 46,000 square feet of data hall area. The building is planned to be expanded with multiple story additions for a total area of 180,000 square feet with 100,000 square feet of data hall. The ultimate density is planned to be as high as 165 watts per square foot. The facility is located on a previously developed, 6-acre site. Project work included demolition of a warehouse structure to create a building shell and interior purpose-built for data center functions. Being located in Los Angeles, the building and all components are designed to a seismic importance factor of 1.5 – the same used for other critical structures such as hospitals and emergency response facilities.



With worldwide reach and influence, Corgan understands the architectural design needs of today’s data centers so clients can make confident, informed decisions about their investments. We know the mechanical and electrical systems from the architectural aspect of the building and our dedicated experts combine broad technical experience and design sensibility to deliver data center designs with leading-edge innovation.

From the first ground-up reservation facility in the world in 1979 to the largest LEED Gold Certified freestanding data center in the nation, Corgan’s Data Centers Studio has spent years studying the engineering systems at the core of these projects.


More than 22.5M square feet of data hall design