Elementary - Education

Simpson Elementary School — Waxahachie ISD

Simpson Elementary School — Waxahachie ISD

  • 79,680 square feet
  • Services: Architectural and interior design services
  • Completion: August 2020

An innovative, student-centered environment.

In partnership with Waxahachie ISD, the design team created a welcoming two-story elementary school that reflects the values of the traditional community. Warm tones, natural textures, and geometric patterns are key design elements of the school, while the playful interior adds pops of color and fun, white wavy textured hallways encourage student engagement and school pride.

The large scale of the program is reduced through grade classroom pods, each included an easily accessible collaboration space and restrooms. Collaboration spaces for each classroom pods are used by students and faculty to support 21st century learning. Classrooms are designed for specific grade level instruction and have full height walls of marker board surfacing and an interactive projection system creating a smart wall for student learning. Wireless technology allows students to integrate netbooks and tablets into their individual and group learning in classrooms or collaborative learning spaces. The outdoor classroom is a secured courtyard providing hands on learning opportunities.