Project Administration Building

Project Administration Building — Confidential Power and Water Company

  • 438,000 square feet
  • The Project Administration Building has served as a corporate headquarters and operational operational hub for over 60 years.
The Project Administration Building for a confidential power and water company has served as a corporate headquarters and operational hub for over 60 years. As the company has grown, prior building additions have added operational square footage but resulted in an inflexible interior layout.

The company derives energy from water to create power across their region. The design team used this philosophy and developed a strategic vision that “harnesses the power of nature” by using high-quality systems, innovative technologies, and energy-efficient methods. Architectural elements added to the elevations of the building harmonize disparate enclosure styles, resulting in a consistent, attractive aesthetic that unifies the facility into “one building.” These added elements create points of visual emphasis at major entries and circulation hubs that naturally guide both visiting public and resident employees.

A new space identified as “The Canyon” was built as the central hub unifying the building and providing a new entry and public space for all employees. Abstract visual and graphic elements are reinforced throughout the space with color, pattern, materiality, and unique forms to create intuitive wayfinding throughout the space. The materials utilized throughout the building symbolize the origin of the company’s water source, as well as their dedication to environmental stewardship. All of these elements come together to harness the power of nature.

The project included a complete interior renovation and exterior refresh for the entire campus, along with the addition of an 80,000-square-foot, five-story infill, and 85,000 square feet of additional interior space. The completed building totals 440,000 square feet along with a new four-level, 800-stall parking garage.


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