Northern Arizona Healthcare Verde Valley Medical Center Office Building

Northern Arizona Healthcare Verde Valley Medical Center Office Building

  • Design team used virtual reality technology to meet with multiple user groups and demonstrate the proposed environment to decision maker, evaluate design alternatives, and evaluate privacy concerns.

Consolidation of services to support a patient-centered, holistic approach to patient health. 

Northern Arizona issued a lofty challenge to invent new operations for their outpatient clinic into a front of house/back of house model that brings together multiple medical practices, enhances the patient experience, and reduces the number of steps for staff.

The design team critically evaluated the operational flow of the new facility, taking care to design the space in accordance with evidence-based design principles. Corgan’s team of designers and planners worked collaboratively with the hospital administration to put forward a very progressive layout to consolidate services, and to support a patient-centered, holistic approach to patient health. Throughout the design process, the team used virtual reality to meet with multiple user groups and demonstrate the proposed environment to key stakeholders, allowing them to evaluate design alternatives and provide feedback.

A modular design technique was implemented, resulting in clinic space that could be shared by any of the 12 clinics as a response to fluctuating demand loads throughout the week. The building’s layout and technology facilitate the self-rooming of patient and caregivers, and a hospitality-style concierge desk was placed near the front door to allow for a greater personal service for the patient upon arrival.

The building was sited in a way that spaces had views of the world-famous Sedona red rock formations in the vista, and the designers orientated the major circulation paths along the front of the building to further maximize these views. Clinic staff was organized into “neighborhoods” based on the mode of care but are all interconnected through private hallways that convene at the shared-use break room.

Each exam room was designed with two separate doors for staff and patients. This approach to clinic design supports a heightened patient experience and provides a convenient model of care, as it supports self-rooming, allowing patients more control over their experience. In addition, the attached full-service imaging suite supports all specialty services, reinforcing the idea of a holistic approach to health treatment.

Corgan worked closely with city standards to transform an underperforming retail typology into a thriving healthcare typology and is a catalyst to continued community growth.


Life is precious.

To help people during the most stressful times of their lives is the most important job we can imagine. It’s why we do what we do. We are dedicated to improving health outcomes through better healthcare design. To us, that’s not just a job — it’s a calling.

The complex challenges of modern healthcare demand that places lean into the future. Design is the physical expression of intellectual rigor in the service of empathy. Every design decision must maximize performance, minimize risk, and enhance the experience of the caregiver, patient, and family. We are eager collaborators, who respect expertise and listen deeply to multiple viewpoints — there is no place for our own egos. We are driven to satisfy every client on their own terms. We are dedicated to finding new, better ways to promote healing, comfort, and hope.

Doing so, we have made an impact in the lives of over eight million patients. From major metropolitan AMCs to small suburban clinics, from obstetrics to hospice, Corgan creates elegant, forward-looking spaces that improve outcomes, deftly respond to periodic change, and elevate the experience of the user. Our people genuinely care about the lives of your people.

That, to us, is the most precious thing we can offer.

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