Lonestar Family Health Clinic

Lonestar Family Health Clinic

  • 71,000-SF, two-story federally qualified healthcare clinic
  • Five Lonestar physicians and a pharmacy in one convenient building
  • Dental pod, x-ray, lab and pharmacy
  • Easy patient wayfinding
  • Open atrium for community events of up to 250 people
  • Natural light throughout the building
  • Services provided: Full service architecture and interior design
  • Project type: New construction

The City of Conroe has seen a dramatic increase in its population as the Woodlands area of Greater Houston expanded. The Lonestar Family Health team wanted to serve this growing population, and so the team built a new primary hub in the Conroe area designed to accommodate their increased patient load and engage with a larger portion of the Conroe community. The Lonestar Family Health Center, a distinctive, modern medical home model healthcare facility, provided quality, patient-centered care, clear wayfinding and amenities for a broad spectrum of Conroe residents. Though the new clinic space was fairly large, a pod-based design created an intimate feel for patients and enabled coordinated, quality care. The clinic’s entrance featured a large, inviting atrium with natural sun light that guided patients to a single check-in space. From the check-in, patients traveled to one of the five practice area pods. Each pod featured a fifteen person waiting room that created the feel of a smaller, private care doctor’s office. The pods’ were located in close proximity to one another. Patients who needed to see more than one doctor that day had a simple journey to another part of the Health Center. Interconnected staff space between pods allowed Lonestar physicians to quickly conference and provide coordinated personalized care. This sort of convenient, patient-friendly design was also incorporated into the buildings’ community-oriented service offerings as well.



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