High School - Education

Lee High School — Tyler ISD

Lee High School — Tyler ISD

  • Size: 450,000 SF
  • Project Type: Renovation and addition
  • Services: Architectural and interior design

Revitalizing an ad-hoc high school to reinvigorate the community.

Originally built in 1954, Lee High School had gone through 15 additions in the last 60 years, and was in need of a replacement. Wanting to preserve some of the school's rich history, the scope of work includes the complete transformation of the campus, adding over 350,000 square feet of new school construction, and renovating over 100,000 square feet in a multi-phased, multi-year construction program. The result will be a new, collaborative, 21st century educational environment while maintaining the traditional exterior appearance.

Due to the complexity of the phased construction, Lee High School requires in-depth communication and connections to the on-site staff and students. Weekly design reviews, on-site construction meetings, and clear communication channels has allowed a smooth process and construction schedule.