JPS Medical Home Clinic

JPS Medical Home Clinic

  • 35,000 SF
  • Collaboration spaces for physicians, medical students and staff
  • Space for multiple practices including optometry, dental, behavioral health, women’s health, imaging and general practice
  • Patient education spaces

This new medical home clinic model provides space for primary care services, outpatient services, specialty practices, community services, and accommodates the needs of a teaching clinic. The community-oriented clinic brings a variety of practices into a single space, provides much-needed healthcare services to an under-served population, engages with the Euless population and features a warm, inviting design. The design incorporates several evidence-based design principles to support healing, staff satisfaction, and the patient experience. We focused on the use of color to provide intuitive wayfinding and designed gardens and courtyards adjacent to the clinic spaces to provide positive distractions. Each individual clinic space was designed to minimize staff travel time and a streamlined office layout was planned to promote efficiencies for staff and patients.


We believe that the built environment impacts quality of life. From arrival to diagnosis, we our sensitive to the patient journey and incorporate the latest research related to improving their experience and outcomes.

We approach healthcare design by partnering with you and your team to identify the needs of staff, patients and their families.  From the equipment and regulations to interior spaces and parking facilities, we understand the operational, clinical and financial objectives to ultimately provide a facility that is beautiful, compassionate and intuitive.

Over 200 healthcare design projects in the last 3 years