Home Design Center

Lifestyle flex space

One Stop Shopping

  • Home products
  • Building materials and products
  • Home Services
  • Interwoven trade and homeowner shopping
The Home Design Center brings together an industry that has been traditionally fragmented in industrial parks, strip centers and free-standing locations. The central location provides one-stop shopping for retailers, manufacturers and distributors. The Center will be approximately 400,000 square feet and carry over 200 brand names.  The site consists of a showroom, pad retail, distribution, commercial suppliers and a home marketplace that will display and sell home products in a home show-like environment for manufacturers and smaller tenants.


In addition to Corgan's core areas of expertise, specialization project types include museums, performance halls and production studios, multi-family residential, retail, hospitality and non-traditional learning spaces.

Our distinct style is your unique vision. You won't find us recycling previous design concepts. Collaboration is in our DNA.  We listen. We design around your needs. We do what we say we're going to do. That's the basis for our success; and that's why we have long-lasting relationships with our clients.