Coppell Old Town Arts Center

Coppell Old Town Arts Center

  • 445-seat auditorium
  • 175-seat flexible theater
  • Contains an event space, green room, art studio, and art gallery in lobby

Light‑filled arts space promoting community and culture.

Located in heart of the Coppell, Texas community, the Old Town Arts Center is a multi-venue facility dedicated to the promotion of the arts and improving the quality of life for the constituents of the city. As such, it serves as a cultural amenity for city patronage and performing arts. The venue houses a 445-seat acoustic hall, a 160-seat flexible theater, a 150-seat multi-purpose room, an art studio, performance support spaces, and a naturally illuminated art gallery with sweeping vistas to the Old Town common.

The Old Town Arts Center anchors the adjacent public square, provides strong visual connections to the park, and fits contextually through scale, layout, materials, and color. The brick building references historic masonry patterns and colors used in architecture for centuries. The wood curtain wall system evokes historic references to turn-of-the-century wood timber buildings.

The public streetscape façade incorporates the transparency, proportions, and scale of historic steel and glass storefront systems. The articulated mullions merge historical profile shapes with the pervasive white color trim utilized throughout Old Town.

The high‑performance building is designed to annually conserve 50% of energy and 40% of water usage.


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