Critical Facilities

Cloudsite China Data Center

Urban data center

Designed specifically to support cloud computing

  • Multi-story configuration
  • Kyoto cooling

The Cloudsite Data Center is a unique project, optimized for its urban location in Tianjin, China by its multi-story configuration. Critical cooling requirements are satisfied by the KyotoCooling indirect airside economization. This system utilizes a humidity-neutral aluminum heat transfer wheel to provide continuous full and partial economization, achieving a cooling PUE of significantly less than 1.2. Designed specifically to support cloud computing, the cooling technology and controls combine to anticipate increases in data center load and provide immediate increased capacity.


#1 DATA CENTER ARCHITECT - BD+C MAGAZINE - Ranked by Total Revenue 2011 - 2013

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From the first ground-up reservation facility in the world in 1979 to the largest LEED Gold Certified freestanding data center in the nation, Corgan’s Critical Facilities Studio has spent years studying the engineering systems at the core of these projects.


More than 2M square feet of white floor space