CityDoc Urgent Care Centers

CityDoc Urgent Care Centers

  • Evidence-based design
  • Services provided: Full service architecture and interior design
  • Project type: New construction
While located in an urban, retail center, CityDoc wanted to take the stress out of urgent medical care. Corgan provided a welcoming reception area that features natural materials and contemporary artwork. Physician and staff needs were incorporated into the design with short travel distances, department adjacencies to facilitate cross coverage, quiet zones and materials that reduce fatigue. CityDoc clinics are equipped with the latest medical technology and the physicians are committed to the practice of current, evidence-based medicine, in order to provide patients with the highest level of medical care.


Life is precious.

To help people during the most stressful times of their lives is the most important job we can imagine. It’s why we do what we do. We are dedicated to improving health outcomes through better healthcare design. To us, that’s not just a job — it’s a calling.

The complex challenges of modern healthcare demand that places lean into the future. Design is the physical expression of intellectual rigor in the service of empathy. Every design decision must maximize performance, minimize risk, and enhance the experience of the caregiver, patient, and family. We are eager collaborators, who respect expertise and listen deeply to multiple viewpoints — there is no place for our own egos. We are driven to satisfy every client on their own terms. We are dedicated to finding new, better ways to promote healing, comfort, and hope.

Doing so, we have made an impact in the lives of over eight million patients. From major metropolitan AMCs to small suburban clinics, from obstetrics to hospice, Corgan creates elegant, forward-looking spaces that improve outcomes, deftly respond to periodic change, and elevate the experience of the user. Our people genuinely care about the lives of your people.

That, to us, is the most precious thing we can offer.

200+ healthcare projects in the past three years