City of Peoria Pinnacle Peak Police Patrol Services Station

City of Peoria Pinnacle Peak Police Patrol Services Station

  • 16,785 SF
  • Architectural and interior design services
  • New construction
  • Features open plan design, flexible spaces for tactical training, and gender-neutral open lockering
Designing a neighborhood police station that could function as a community center, a second headquarters, and a training facility for the city’s police department was no small task. Layer that with LEED Gold requirements, planning for two future expansions, all while maintaining a publicly-responsive budget, you have set-up some unique challenges for the design team. None that Corgan wasn't eager to tackle, though. Focus was placed on providing a workplace that could attract new officers, while retaining features for senior positions and increasing efficiencies for all employees. The building layout focused on the processing flow of team members during their normal shift and adjacent spaces strategically-placed to maximize efficiency. The building program includes temporary holding, processing of suspects and evidence materials, a special weapons unit and multi-purpose training environments adapted to Arizona’s unique climate concerns. General desk work and conference rooms are strategically distributed to support continuous operations while encouraging the use of shared spaces and community rooms. Large windows in the lobby pull daylight into the space and special attention was taken to address any acoustic concerns given the nature of the work.


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