City of Chandler Public Safety Building

City of Chandler Public Safety Building

  • 78,000 SF
  • New, phased construction
  • Full planning, architectural, and interior design services
  • Building focused on supporting the City’s police and fire training efforts
The City of Chandler's Public Safety Building is a new public safety training campus built in multiple phases. Phase 1 includes an administrative, educational and tactical training building. Phase 2 provides separate, freestanding buildings for a shooting range, shoot house and storage. The finished facility includes an auditorium, offices, tactical training, fitness; simulation weapons training tools MILO and FATS, breakrooms, secure parking, and exterior secure break areas. Phases 1 and 2 essentially complete one primary building complex and fire support building, rather than multiple stand-alone buildings, making connection and communication between departments more seamless. Operational support is provided to city workers through fitness and hands-on training. The auditorium can house large departmental meetings, community meetings with police reps, and community support in times of power outage or similar situations thanks to its generator-backed air-conditioned space, accessibility to water and ample cot space. This new training complex was integrated into the context of an existing fire training center and has become the hub for integrated police and fire training and the combined public safety training center. The primary goal for this facility is to better support police and fire training efforts, where various means of communication and practical application are employed, to equip trainees with the skills to do their jobs safely and effectively. The site, building layouts, and circulation paths are supported by low-tech/high-touch and high-tech communication and applications. These include collaborative meeting and classroom spaces, effective large audience audio/visual presentations, high-tech firearms simulation training, hands-on defensive tactics training and live fire weapons training. The Public Safety Building supports police and fire training efforts while presenting to the community an open space for those in need in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.


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